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Michael Thomas - Divorce TacticsSaturday, 2:43 P.M.
From: Michael Thomas, Divorced dad and Divorce Coach
To: Anyone who is married

I know what you are going through... I have been through two insane divorces. In the process I lost BOTH of my homes and 3 kids! I paid "Extortion-like" legal fees in the amount of $86,490.47 for results that at times made it seem like my attorney worked for my ex. I spent hundreds of hours in anguish, lost way too many nights of sleep and shed untold thousands of tears just trying to be a parent. At times it seemed as though it could NOT GET ANY WORSE... and then IT WOULD! I know what a woman or a man can do to their ex in a divorce to maximize their success and to minimize their heartache, loss and feelings of failure!

Since 1986, as a Divorce Coach with Bay Area Divorce Coach, I have helped THOUSANDS OF WOMEN AND MEN, MOM'S AND DAD'S, PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU AND ME, with all aspects of their divorce struggles. And the statistics on Divorce are STAGGERING! I found that THE SOONER IN THEIR DIVORCE OR PRE-DIVORCE THAT I WORKED WITH SOMEONE - THE BETTER THEIR OUTCOME! TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

Right now you live in fear with so much at stake and so much to loose. You trust no one, and it's crazy to think that all your friends and family, with all their good intentions (IF they already know about your divorce plans) are still powerless to give you the hard cold TRUTHS that you need the most right now! Their advice, although well intentioned, IS WAY TOO EMOTIONAL to be of any use! PLEASE give me just a few hours of your time, right now, and I PROMISE YOU I will give you VITAL DIRECTIONS and PROVEN TACTICS, that will help you SAVE YOUR KIDS, SAVE YOUR HOME, and help STEM THE TIDE on the FINACIAL BLEEDING I know you are suffering from.

With our Economy in a Shambles, Foreclosures at Record Highs, Unemployment hovering around 10% NATIONALLY, and Higher in most metropolitan areas, it is not surprising that DIVORCE FILINGS are on the RISE.

While the PRESSURE can seem insurmountable, and the prospects of a WIN/WIN Outcome bleak, I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DIVORCE FROM THIS MOMENT ON. I understand your desires for this to all stop, for things to get better, and I can also tell you that if you CHOOSE NOT TO ACT, to take a wait and see approach to your divorce, secretly praying it will just get better or go away all on it's own... YOU ARE MISTAKEN!

IF you were hoping for some HARD HITTING, NO B/S, TRIED AND PROVEN DIVORCE TACTICS that have worked for others in their divorces, then you have come to the right place. Let me congratulate you on finding my book - "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN".

I was not always smiling as in the picture of me above, but I can tell you if you read my book you will smile again soon! I promise.

Marriage is tough in the best of times.
It's Even tougher now! Can you afford to make mistakes?

I pomise you are not alone. Wherever you are in your DIVORCE PROCESS, my book "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN" will be an invaluable tool that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

I GURARANTEE that the DIVORCE TACTICS and SECRETS I layout in a STEP BY STEP format in my book DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN will quickly and easily guide you on *EXACTLY* what you must do to WIN YOUR DIVORCE. And you will greatly reduce the cost of a divorce!

Win Your Divorce

"Wish I had read this book sooner!

As it was my ex filed for divorce and it seems like he read this book BEFORE ME! One of the DIVORCE TACTICS in this book could have saved me OVER $4,000 in wasted legal fee's...

After reading Michael's book Divorce Tactics To Win, I was able to reverse some of my ex's tactics simply by knowing what HE was doing. I have told several of my girlfiends about this book, and they were thankful I did!

Don't make the mistakes I did... buy DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN, and save yourself from my fate... I have spent over $250,000 in legal fees in three years and IT'S STILL NOT OVER!

Thank you Michael... you told me things my attorney's did not even KNOW!"

Lisa F.

Unlike other books written on Divorce, "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN" will focus on the KEY CRITICAL ELEMENTS OF DIVORCE that will reap the greatest rewards for you as you battle your EX through the courts and attorneys:

divorce lawyerdivorce help

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There have been changes in the laws since our country was attacked on 9-11, and now that the "Homeland Security" Act has been allowed to remain in place, there are things you should know about how these changes in law enforcement and jurisdiction can impact your divorce tactics.

READ THIS REPORT, and you will understand Restraining Order basics, how and when to use them, and what to write in your initial TRO or DVRO filing that can change the outcome of your divorce!


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In "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN", you will learn the most valuable lessons on how to control and win your divorce. Considering that the average attorney costs about $275 an hour nationwide... the cost to you for making even one mistake in your divorce could set you back several hours of attorney time... as well as weeks or months of court hearings!

Buying "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN" at $47 is the same cost of 10 minutes of your attorney's time!!! And the money you SAVE IN LEGAL FEES by reading this book makes it a BARGAIN!

I am so confident my book will pay for itself in saved legal expenses - that I GUARANTEE it!

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I am so confident you will find value in "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN", I provide you with a full 60 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

That's right - if you find that the information in my book does not in fact SAVE YOU more than it cost in wasted legal fees, if you find nothing in "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN" that positively impacts your divorce, I'll refund your entire purchase price, UNCONDITIONALLY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I know that at this point in your life it seems like everything is coming undone... NOTHING makes much sense and you are unsure of what to do next. No doubt you have heard the horror stories of your friends and family members divorces, so you know what's coming. But it does not have to be that bad... I learned from my own mistakes as well as those who I have worked with these past 24 years, all the members of the groups I led for divorced parents and the meetings held in churches and meeting halls during and after my own divorces... YES... I have survived BOTH divorces! DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN is a battle plan to maximize your outcome in your favor, NOT YOUR EX's!

"I'm Not Sure I Even WANT A DIVORCE?
Maybe things will get better and I can save my Marriage and my Family."

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"...Before I knew I was going to get a divorce, friends kept telling me to leave my
husband, but I thought things would just get better. They didn't and I found your
book online from another site, and buying Divorce Tactics to Win was the wisest
thing I did for myself and my family. Thank you Michael, for helping me help my
family, and for saving me at least a couple thousand dollars in court costs!"

Lisa S

"My girlfriend was going through the divorce from hell, and I found this book
and bought it for her. She read it and was able to use alot of what Michael shares
in his book... which saved my friend her car, horse trailer and about $50,000 in
assets her ex had hidden!"

Kelly C

"... I did not file so my ex got to stay in the house and I was the visiting parent
which sucks I can assure you. But your ONE TACTIC for RESTRAINING
ORDERS saved my life. I did what you said, and when she tried to pull that one
on me, I was ready, and flipped it right back on her. God only knows what
would have happened if I had not read your book. Thank you Michael! You are
saving people thousands of dollars that their attorneys would have gladly taken!"

Frank F

"I am so angry with my attorney!!!! Why did he not tell me what you shared in
your book? THANK GOD I found your site and bought Divorce Tactics to Win.
I won, but only because I took control from my attorney and used your tactics,

Thank You,
Lori S

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P.P.S. I've been in your shoes, lived your stress and survived, and I can tell you so will you! You can do this all on your own, with little or no help, and I promise you will waste thousands of dollars, weeks of sleep, and perhaps end up so harmed by the process that you will give up! OR, YOU can take control over your divorce, so you can finally get everything you want, and take back your life and your happiness!

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